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Capsule Loaders

Capsule Loaders

Capsule Loaders

Capsule Loaders Machines are helpful in the pharmaceutical industry. The machine is attached with a tray along with it. However, the device can fill up the tray with near about 300 empty capsules at a time. Capsules are loading in the tray and taking their position automatically. After that, within 30 seconds, they filled up with the medicinal gel or powder. 

acmeTECH is one trusted name among Capsule Loaders Machine manufacturers in Delhi. We value our clients, and we become a trusted name in this domain within a concise period. Hence, we dream of reaching the optimum position in the manufacturing industry.

Profit to use Capsule Loaders machine

  • The machine has attached with an empty tray, and it helps to fill capsules automatically.
  • It takes only five minutes to fill up 300 capsules in the tray. The machine cut down all items just within 30 seconds. 
  • Thus, the machine supplies filled capsule trays for 2-3 capsule filling machines.
  • It helps enlarged production with a reduced number of working staffs.

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