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Fluid Bed Dryers

Fluid Bed Dryers

AT-FBD Fluid Bed Dryer is used for fast drying of wet granules, crystalline or coarse materials in
pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food and dairy Industries.

The machine is made compact, versatile and enclosed in stainless steel elegantly finished body, having SS made
Bottom Inlet Chamber, Product Container, Loading Trolley with PU Castor Wheels, 5 micron PC Satin cloth
Filter Bag with Suitable clamping system and Inflatable Sealing, Air Supply Unit with heating arrangement and
micro filters, Exhaust blower with interconnecting duct and Electric & Pneumatic Control system. The specially
designed Exhaust blower operates on negative pressure principle, which creates the induced draught and sucks in
the fresh air into the dryer which got heated while passing through the air supply unit. This hot filtered air is
introduced from the bottom of product container containing wet material and fluidizes the product particles by
creating the turbulence in the product container. Due to fluidization each particle gets surrounded by hot air,
which leads to uniform heating and drying without affecting the physical and chemical properties of the products
and also reduced drying time. Filter bags provided at the top prevent escaping of particles from the machine.

Salient Features :

  • Machine designed with cGMP standard.
  • Machine structure is made from SS304 / SS316 Quality.
  • Batch size available from 30 kg to 300 kg. capacity.
  • Pneumatic Sealing of Filter Bag and Product container by inflatable silicon rubber tube.
  • Pneumatic shaking system of bag.
  • Air supply unit with micro air filter and electric or steam heat exchanger.
  • Uniform drying at low temperature.
  • Exhaust air blower with dynamic balance fan.
  • Equipped with CIP/SIP connection.
  • Fully automatic electric and pneumatic controls panel.

Technical Specification :

Model AT-FBD30 AT-FBD60 AT-FBD120 AT-FBD200 AT-FBD250 AT-FBD300
Cont. Vol. (Ltr) 100 220 440 650 780 1000
Batch (Kgs) 20-40 50-75 95-120 160-200 200-250 250-350
Heating load (KW) 18 36 60 90 110 180
Steam@ 3.5 bar 30 60 120 200 260 350
Blower Motor (HP) 5 10 15 20 25 30
Drying temp © 45-90 45-90 45-90 45-90 45-90 45-90
Air volume (CFM) 800 1500 3000 4000 5000 6000