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AT-HB Homozenisers are used for homozenising liquid, cream, ointment and lotion in pharmaceuticals, cosmetic, chemical, food, dairy and paint industries.

This machine is used for mixing, blending, dispersion, homogenization and emulsification of liquids, paste, ointment, solution, viscous material and solids into other liquids. This machine consists of specially designed rotor and stator assembly, fixed with four tie rods to the motor. This rotor rotates inside the stator assembly and thus reduces the particle size of the droplets and also reduces batch time.

Salient Features :

  • The machine is versatile and can be used for various purposes.
  • All contact parts made of SS-304/SS-316 qty.
  • Specially designed rotor and stator assembly.
  • Can be adapted to any tank size.
  • Capacity available from 50Litres to 5000Litres.
  • Provided with AC Drive for Variable Speed.
  • Tailor made variants available.

Technical Specification :




Telescoping Stand With Lifting

Motor Speed

Variable with VFD



Power Consumption

Main Motor

Depends on Capacity

Lifting Motor

Depends on Capacity