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Transfer Pumps/Gear Pumps

Transfer Pumps/Gear Pumps

AT-GTP Gear Transfer Pump is used to transfer hard flow liquid, lotion, cream, paste etc. in pharmaceuticals, cosmetic, chemical, food, dairy, beverage and many related industries.
The machine is made compact and versatile, having a SS make gear pump coupled with an electric motor or an electric geared motor. Whole unit is mounted on a SS Trolley provided with castor wheels. The rigid design of the SS made gears and houses allows high pressures and the ability to pump highly viscous fluids. The material enters from inlet of the pump, the meshing of the gears displaces it forward, and then it got discharged from the outlet of the pump.

Salient Features :

  • Machine design with cGMP standard.
  • All contact parts made of SS-304 / SS-316 qty.
  • Available in both high and low speeds for different viscousity of products.
  • Reverse flow by just changing motor direction.
  • Provided with Castor Wheels for easy movement for washing and cleaning.
  • Silicon food grade seal.
  • AC Drive for speed control.

Technical Specification :

Model                             AT-GTP1
Output / Min                   20 to 60Lts.
Impeller Type                 SS external gears type
Impeller Speed               Variable speed(Depends on Product)
Piping                            1” (Both inlet and outlet)
Priming                          Not Required
Power Consumption        1HP/415Volts/50Hz